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Can You Brush Your Teeth Too Much?

woman brushing teethDentists typically recommend that you brush your teeth twice daily, but can you brush your teeth too much? It’s not unusual for some people to brush their teeth when their breath feels stale or stenchy. Some people would even have a quick brush before attending an important event to have a fresh breath.

How to Avoid Overbrushing

Excessive tooth brushing can damage your teeth and gums; however, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a quick brush before stepping out of the house. The cause of the damage to your teeth is not necessarily how often you brush your teeth but more how aggressively you do it. Let’s see how you can avoid overbrushing and prevent your teeth and gum from damage.

Check the Bristle

We know how good it feels to brush with a new fresh toothbrush. New toothbrushes have smooth edges, plus the smooth nylon cylinders give you a non-abrasive feeling. Nonetheless, the brush wears out, it loses those smooth textures, and the edges become rough. The rough bristles make the toothbrush more likely to injure your gums and teeth. Dentists usually recommend that you change your toothbrush regularly; when your brush starts to wear, then it’s time to replace it.

Toothbrushes are Different

Just as bristles that are already worn out can injure your teeth, so can a new brush. You must know that brushes and bristles vary in design; there are hard bristles and soft bristles. Even though you might want a hard bristle brush for serious brushing in order to feel clean, you should still consider protecting your teeth. Many dentists usually recommend soft-bristle brushes as they can clean your teeth without causing damage to your teeth and gums.

Your Brushing Technique Matters

Even with the right toothbrush and bristles, the way you brush your teeth matters. Most people brush very aggressively and quickly; some brush the front of their teeth very hard while ignoring the back of the teeth. The proper technique to brush your teeth is to start from the gum line and scrub in a small circular motion, not a back and forth pattern. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle as you aim for the gum line. Apply gentle pressure until you’re able to feel the bristles on your gum. You can use the vertical stroke brushing technique for the back of the teeth.

Some foods are acidic and have imbalanced pH levels, which can affect your teeth. As much as you’d love to brush your teeth immediately after having a meal, it’s better to wait for up to 30 minutes before you do so; this would help you protect your tooth enamel. So rather than focusing on enjoying brushing your teeth, ensure you’re doing it correctly with the right brush.

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